Friday, November 6, 2009

Katy perry sexy. Sexy pictures.

Katy perry sexy. Some Pictures:

katy perry sexykaty perry sexykaty perry sexy
Do you think that Katy Perry song is a gimmick or a good thing? I kissed a girl and I liked it, you all know it right? you've all heard it called 50 billion times. Is the song a little attention or to look for is a good thing for gays and lesbians is that the mainstream community has embraced the song? In my opinion, if the song would take care of a heterosexual kiss anyone. When a man I was singing kissed a boy and i liked it, I doubt it would be an international hit. But because girls kissing girls is the latest craze that huge. a great gimmick. It bothers me because shes trying to sound sexy, but then she let us know, shes got a boyfriend, which basically say I Kissed A Girl ... but not a lesbian, I insist. because as the song would be fine if she was? only interested in your thoughts. I can totally wrong, you can let me know. Since all my lesbian friends seem to love it when the song comes up. yahoo, I proposed this categorization in the struggle. the fascinating ...
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